boiler reconditioned and installed by Kelford Engineering Services Limited just after servicing

Boiler surveys, maintenance, repairs and installation of new and reconditioned boilers

Boilers are your lifeblood and our livelihood

specialised parts designed and built by Kelford Engineering for your boiler

Kelford Engineering has been installing, reconditioning, servicing and surveying boilers throughout New Zealand and the Pacific Islands for the last nineteen years, but combined, our team has eighty years of boiler experience.

We know how important your boiler is to your business. That is why we work continually on our systems and procedures to ensure that you receive the best service, parts and advice possible.

We are able to meet the needs of your business from: boiler surveys and three-monthly OSH tests, to valve servicing and installations of new or second-hand boilers, to the refurbishment of old boilers, to designing and building to specific project requirements.

Because of the breadth of our knowledge and experience, we also have a large range of spare parts including:

  • ceramic ropes
  • non-asbestos gaskets
  • guage glasses
  • guage glass spindles
  • Mowbrey parts & kits
  • new & reconditioned valving
  • studs for valving (metric and imperial)

If you need something specific, just ask us as we probably have what you need.

Contact Mike on 03-381 4499 now or email for information on how we can help you and your boiler.

Regular servicing of your boiler saves you downtime

parts and tools for servicing boilers

Unexpected breakdowns can literally ‘throw a spanner in the works’. By choosing a regular surveying and servicing programme for your boiler and incorporating quarterly safety checks, we can ensure that any possible problems or faulty parts are identified and replaced before things get out of hand*.

We carry a complete range of tube expanders and torque control equipment, along with flange refacing and lineboring equipment. No job is too big, or too small, for us.

We can work on your diesel, gas, solid fuel and electric boilers and are experienced in performing boiler conversions, lance servicing, tuning and solid fuel handling systems.

We can also build your blowdown tanks, complete all pipework and build your stacks as well as bunkers and coal-handling areas.

Because we have specialised in boilers and have worked in this industry for so long, we know how to get the best out of your boiler and how to implement procedures on your site to save you time and money.

Contact Steve on 027-433 5199 now or email for further information on our surveys and servicing programmes.

*conditions apply

Hire boilers for continuous steam or hot water on-site

hire boilers in self-contained shipping containers, ready for instant connection at your site

Kelford Engineering is able to supply you with steam or hot-water hire boilers. These come complete with feedwater tank, stack and blowdown tanks in self-contained twenty-foot containers. Our team ensures they will take as little time as possible to connect and get you up-and-running on your site.

Contact Steve on 0274 335 199 now or email for further information on our range of hire boilers.

Telarc SAI ISO9001 logo

Kelford Engineering is a Telarc SAI Registered Supplier

We obtained AS-NZS ISO9001:2008 certification in December 1999 and have passed successful audits for eleven years for the following:

  • Boiler installation
  • Tuning services
  • Maintenance checks
  • Repairs and spare parts
  • Fabrication and general engineering

Another reason why you can trust your boiler and general engineering work with us.